India will not go Pakistan in Asia Cup 2023 – ACC President Jay Shah.

India will not go Pakistan in Asia Cup 2023 - ACC President Jay Shah.
India will not go Pakistan in Asia Cup 2023 - ACC President Jay Shah.

Without India’s participation, Pakistan will not be able to host the Asia Cup even if it wants, it will not be possible for that. Let us tell you that Indian BCCI Secretary Jai Sah is the President of the Asian Cricket Council. Apart from this, none of the mayors of the Asia Cricket Council will go against India and support Pakistan.

Let us tell you that Sri Lanka is going through a financial crisis in his house, so he will not oppose India on any front and is not going to oppose India’s decision either. Read More Roger Binny, 36th President of BC CI in the place of Saurav Ganguly.

If we talk about Bangladesh, then at this time its condition is similar to Sri Lanka. Therefore Bangladesh will also not oppose India’s decision. Afghanistan is currently against Pakistan not only on cricket but on many other mutual issues. Therefore, somewhere Afghanistan will not join the 2023 Asia cup to be held in Pakistan without India.

In UAE, then there is almost one-third of Indians in it, due to cricket runs there. And if still AsiaCup is held in Pakistan, then as Jai Sah has said that India will not go to Pakistan to play Asia cup, then it means that it is impossible to have Asia Cup in 2023 because Asia Cup is not India the Asia Cup is not there.

When was the last time India went to Pakistan to play a match in Asia Cup?

Talk about India and Pakistan’s last Asia Cup match, the last time these two teams came face to face in Pakistan was in the 2008 Asia Cup, and since then these two teams have never played any bilateral match in Pakistan ground and also had no ICC event. Not organized in Pakistan since then.

And now when the next 50-over Asia Cup was to be held in Pakistan, then the Indian BCCI secretary said that we are not going to Pakistan, we will play it by shifting it to a neutral venue. On this, the Pakistan Cricket Board issued an official notice saying that we too will not tour India in the ICC World Cup which is to be held in India only in 2023.


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